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(YEARs 5-12)


Village Nation College was established to provide an alternative schooling solution for children who are gifted and talented in the performing arts. We provide a balanced schooling option which allows your child to accelerate their development artistically, whilst also achieving their academic goals. 

Education is our first priority. We believe, a strong education is vital to a successful career in the Performing Arts.



This model was initially established by our artistic team,  Jacqui Howard and Wayne Aspinall over a decade ago when they created TDHS (Talent Development High School). Many successful performing artists came through this program including Keiynan Lonsdale, Paris Cav, Alex Midzinski, Jordan Rodrigues, Mojean Aria, Jessica Hesketh, Mitchell Woodcock, Ryan Gonzalez, Samm Hagen, BJ Rorke, Lauren Elton, Morgan Choice, Zoey Black, Robbie Kmetoni and many more. 


This model allows our elite students a chance to maximise their exposure to the highest quality of performing arts training, receiving the same calibre of teachers as our Full Time Cert IV and Diploma students and learning from the industry’s best. 



The VN College runs from Monday-Friday like a regular school. There are 6 hours of classes per day, which are split into three hours of academics and three hours of performing arts. 


The academic work is sourced from a variety of distance education providers. Our staff and tutors are experienced with these formats and we will be able to assist you in identifying which distance education provider is best for your child. 


During the academic hours, your child will be supported by one of our tutors to help them with their workload. We understand that each child has a different academic level and our tutors will design a weekly and termly program which sets reasonable and achievable goals. 


During performing arts hours, the students receive a variety of training including Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballet, SSC, Lyrical/Contemporary, Singing, Acting, Acrobatics and more. In addition to regular class training, there will also be a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year including our own in-house College production. 


Due to the advanced level of the classes, the college is strictly by audition only 


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